As an avid surfer and snorkeler, I see the immediate impacts of stormwater runoff and contamination whenever it rains. It is also obvious that we can and must act much more aggressively to move away from fossil fuels and harness free energy from the sun. As an environmental attorney, I have won many cases holding government agencies accountable to protect the environment, and as a city councilmember, I will fight for:

    • Reliable water infrastructure that will collect and conserve water during wet years and protect us from shortages during drought years.
    • Safe and clean beaches and shores that all families can enjoy.
    • Walkable and bikeable neighborhoods with reliable public transit.
    • Standing up to SDGE and allowing our City to follow a community choice energy model that would lower energy costs and our carbon footprint.


Homelessness and Housing Affordability:

Our City is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis. Our middle class is suffering, with many paying more than 50% of their monthly income to rent, and being effectively priced out of the housing market. The impact is most visible in our low-income community members, and many families are homeless or living in their cars. Our leaders prioritize the approval of luxury condos, when they should be working to incentivize affordable homes and apartments. It’s time to focus on the needs of our community. I will fight for evidence-based solutions to:

    • Implement the Housing First model to end chronic homelessness, save taxpayer money, and improve the City’s budget by decreasing the extraordinary social services costs, including emergency medical care costs and law enforcement costs.
    • Provide financial incentives to developers who wish to build affordable housing units, not those who wish to build more luxury condos for out-of-towners.
    • Cut unnecessary red tape that makes building homes and apartments in San Diego take longer and cost more than it does in other cities. 
    • Implement a smart short-term vacation rental policy in residential areas.  The current lack of regulation aggravates our growing shortage of affordable housing units, putting our most vulnerable residents--seniors and young families--at risk of shelter insecurity.   


Public Services and Safety:

The top priority of the City should always be responding to the needs of the community, not special interests. Our tax dollars should be returned to us in the form of reliable services and increased quality of life. I will work to:

    • Decrease response times in emergencies and properly fund our lifeguards, firefighters, and police. We should never wait on hold when calling 911.
    • Improve and maintain our public parks, recreational centers, and libraries. They should be clean, easily accessible, and open to the public seven days a week.
    • Address the steep infrastructure backlog in our neighborhoods including potholes, cracked sidewalks, bursting water pipes, and spillways and drains for flooding.
    • End the backlog of untested rape kits, which is a legal and moral crisis in which San Diego stands alone.


Our home in Ocean Beach has a communal compost bin!