Neighborhood Services and Public Safety:

The top priority of the City should always be responding to the needs of the community, not special interests. Our tax dollars should be returned to us in the form of reliable services and increased quality of life. I will work to:

  • Decrease response times in emergencies and properly fund our lifeguards, firefighters, and police. We should never wait on hold when calling 911

  • Address the steep infrastructure backlog in our neighborhoods including potholes, cracked sidewalks, bursting water pipes, and spillways and drains for flooding

  • End the backlog of untested rape kits, which is a legal and moral crisis in which San Diego stands alone

  • Pass an ordinance to prevent short term vacation rentals from decimating our residential neighborhoods


Homelessness and Housing Affordability:

San Diego is in the midst of a housing affordability and homelessness crisis. My housing adviser, Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Esq., has identified some clear, basic failures that set San Diego apart in its exacerbation of this problem. I will immediately take action on the following when I am on the City Council:

  • 1) Pass a rent control ordinance (See: Demystifying Rent Control)

  • 2) Do not allow San Diego Housing Commission to opt out of federal laws aimed at protecting housing assistance recipients

  • 3) Implement small area fair market rent levels, which would open up 10,000 units in the region to housing voucher holders and decrease racial segregation

  • 4) Immediately update Section 8 payment standards to meet national standards

  • 5) Require ALL new developments to include at least 25% low income housing and significantly increase in lieu fees to 110% of the affordability gap

The failure of San Diego to implement basic solutions in the face of a growing homelessness and housing crisis is one example of why the City Council needs a public interest attorney on it. Without having the right information and knowing the right questions to ask, solutions will always be elusive.


I have won many court cases to protect the environment, and on the City Council I will stand up to lobbyists, developers, SDGE and other special interests that are funding my opponents. My priorities will include the following:

  • Implement Community Choice Energy instead of SDGE power, put solar panels on every city-owned building and parking structure, and make rooftop solar accessible to all residents

  • Pass a Styrofoam container ban as Imperial Beach has done, to protect our beaches, bays and wildlife

  • Itemize what sea level rise due to climate change is going to cost our coastal district, and join a pending lawsuit--already being undertaken on a contingency basis at no cost to participating cities--to hold the top 27 oil producers accountable for intentionally causing this problem when they knew the impact it would have

  • Improve public transit to the point that it is just as fast and reliable as driving a car

  • Keep our storm drains clear and clean so they do not cause flooding and pollution when it rains

  • Implement citywide composting, e-waste recycling and ordinary recycling pickup every week instead of bi-weekly


Our home in Ocean Beach has a communal compost bin!