Homelessness and Housing Affordability:

San Diego is in the midst of a housing affordability and homelessness crisis. My housing adviser, Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Esq., has identified some clear, basic failures that set San Diego apart in its exacerbation of this problem. I will immediately take action on the following when I am on the City Council:

1) Do not allow San Diego Housing Commission to opt out of federal laws aimed at protecting housing assistance recipients

2) Stop following a new Trump rule designed to exacerbate racial segregation in housing

3) Immediately update Section 8 payment standards instead of basing housing assistance on 2015 market rents

4) Implement rent control

5) Remove certain discriminatory exemptions and loopholes from our Just Cause Eviction Ordinance (SDMC 98.0730)

6) Update our single room occupancy (SRO) ordinances to significantly increase assistance for displaced tenants

7) Ban the Box -- do not allow landlords to inquire into and discriminate based on past criminal convictions

8) Ban source of income discrimination in rental housing (i.e., Section 8 vouchers)

9) Pass an anti-harassment ordinance to prohibit landlords from threatening to evict instead of performing repairs

10) Require all new developments to include a significant percentage of affordable housing or significantly increase in lieu fees (currently it is cheaper for developers to pay a fee instead of including affordable housing, when it should be made more expensive to fail to do this)

The failure of the San Diego City Council to take these very basic steps in the face of a growing homelessness and housing crisis is one example of why the City Council needs a public interest attorney on it. We need leaders who can identify solutions and have the backbone to push to actually implement them.


Public Services and Safety:

The top priority of the City should always be responding to the needs of the community, not special interests. Our tax dollars should be returned to us in the form of reliable services and increased quality of life. I will work to:

  • Decrease response times in emergencies and properly fund our lifeguards, firefighters, and police. We should never wait on hold when calling 911

  • Improve and maintain our public parks, recreational centers, and libraries. They should be clean, easily accessible, and open to the public seven days a week

  • Address the steep infrastructure backlog in our neighborhoods including potholes, cracked sidewalks, bursting water pipes, and spillways and drains for flooding

  • End the backlog of untested rape kits, which is a legal and moral crisis in which San Diego stands alone



As an environmental attorney, I have won many cases holding government agencies and corporations accountable to protect the environment, and on the city council, I will fight for:

  • Implementing the Climate Action Plan and Community Choice Energy

  • Obtaining a reliable water infrastructure that will collect and conserve water during wet years and protect us from shortages during drought years

  • Ensuring we have safe and clean beaches and shores that all families can enjoy

  • Improving public transit and the ability to safely ride bicycles

  • Keeping our storm drains clear and clean so they do not cause flooding and pollution when it rains


Our home in Ocean Beach has a communal compost bin!