Homelessness and Housing Affordability:

San Diego is in the midst of a housing affordability and homelessness crisis. My housing adviser, Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi, Esq., has identified some clear, basic failures that set San Diego apart in its exacerbation of this problem:

  • 1) Pass a rent control ordinance (See: Demystifying Rent Control)

  • 2) Do not allow San Diego Housing Commission to opt out of federal laws aimed at protecting housing assistance recipients

  • 3) Implement small area fair market rent levels, which would open up 10,000 units in the region to housing voucher holders and decrease racial segregation

  • 4) Immediately update Section 8 payment standards to meet national standards

  • 5) Require ALL new developments to include at least 25% low income housing and significantly increase in lieu fees to 110% of the affordability gap

The failure of San Diego to implement basic solutions in the face of a growing homelessness and housing crisis is one example of why the City Council needs a public interest attorney on it. Without having the right information and knowing the right questions to ask, solutions will always be elusive.


I have won many court cases to protect the environment, and I will always stand up to lobbyists, developers, SDGE and other special interests. My priorities include the following:

  • Implement Community Choice Energy instead of SDGE power, put solar panels on every city-owned building and parking structure, and make rooftop solar accessible to all residents

  • Pass a Styrofoam container ban as Imperial Beach has done, to protect our beaches, bays and wildlife [UPDATE: San Diego has now passed such an ordinance!]

  • Itemize what sea level rise due to climate change is going to cost our coastal district, and join a pending lawsuit--already being undertaken on a contingency basis at no cost to participating cities--to hold the top 27 oil producers accountable for intentionally causing this problem when they knew the impact it would have

  • Improve public transit to the point that it is just as fast and reliable as driving a car

  • Keep our storm drains clear and clean so they do not cause flooding and pollution when it rains

  • Implement citywide composting, e-waste recycling and ordinary recycling pickup every week instead of bi-weekly


Our home in Ocean Beach has a communal compost bin!