Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign to fight the corporate special interests controlling San Diego City Hall! I came within 496 votes (1.5% of over 32,000 cast) of making the runoff. My main Democratic opponent (Campbell) who narrowly made the runoff went on to win against the Republican (Zapf).

While November voters prefer more progressive candidates, most don't bother to vote in June primaries, and this often leaves us with a choice only between a corporate Democrat and a Republican. We always have to continue fighting to hold Democrats who are elected accountable, and we must do our best to ensure progressive Democrats win primaries.

As an environmental and civil rights attorney, I will continue my work to hold government agencies and corporations accountable, working solely for the public interest, as I have done for the past 13 years with my own law practice. I will also continue to be a voice for progressive change as an elected member of the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee.

Any questions? Feel free to call me on my cellphone at 619-723-0369 or email me at bryan@bryanpease.com.


-- Bryan