Bryan Pease is a nationally recognized civil rights, environmental and animal protection attorney based in San Diego and licensed in California and New York, defending free speech, holding government agencies accountable, and stopping harmful and destructive industry practices throughout the United States.

  • Bryan has been rated by the national ratings firm SuperLawyers as one of the top 5% of civil rights lawyers every year consecutively from 2017 through 2021. SuperLawyers bases its ratings solely on peer recommendations, ethical standards, and achievement, and cannot be purchased.

  • Bryan has won federal civil rights cases from Baltimore to Los Angeles defending the rights of vegan activists to pass out flyers about cruelty-free eating and other issues without being arrested by police simply for doing so, and against the San Diego Police who even arrested a community activist for registering voters outside of City Hall during the 2011 Occupy protests.

  • Bryan's nationwide undercover investigations and lawsuits against factory farm cruelty have been featured in the national bestseller The Foie Gras Wars by Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Caro. Bryan has also been quoted in the New York Times here, herehere, here, and here on this issue, and featured in a Vice News special report on banning force feeding cruelty in California.

  • Bryan's multiple lawsuits against the City of San Diego saved a treasured harbor seal colony from having the beach where they give birth and nurse their pups destroyed. Bryan's work on this issue has been extensively covered by national media including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times (here, here, and here), and NPR's This American Life.

  • When 10 puppy stores in California began fraudulently labeling puppy mill puppies as "rescues" to evade a 2019 law banning the sale of non-rescue dogs in pet stores and authorities failed to act, Bryan systematically shut each one down by filing seven state and federal cases across three counties and obtaining injunctions.

  • Bryan has opened up hundreds of shopping malls across California to greater free speech rights by filing dozens of lawsuits on behalf of activists against mall owners large and small that had tried to stifle free speech, including Westfield, Fashion Valley, Fashion Island, Irvine Company, Simon Properties, the iconic LA Farmers Market, and many more.

You can reach Bryan through email by writing to bryan at bryanpease dot com.