Sale of foie gras remains banned in California

The July 14, 2020 Associated Press article proclaiming "foie gras back on the menu in California" is FALSE. The AP needs to live up to its motto of "separating fact from fiction," instead of just printing industry spin.

The July 14, 2020 ruling was a final rejection of the foie gras industry's shameless continued attempts to get around the Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court rulings upholding CA's humane law against sale of liver from force fed ducks.

It has never been illegal to purchase foie gras out of state and bring it in. The ban is simply against the sale of foie gras from force fed ducks within the state, such as at restaurants or stores. It was never a possession ban or an import ban.

The ruling DENIES Hudson Valley Foie Gras' motion to reconsider, and specifically notes that as to foie gras purchased outside of CA, "once the foie gras reaches California, it cannot be resold within the state, even if the transaction processes 'out of state' via an explicit agreement or otherwise. No relief is offered, for instance, to sellers of Hudson Valley's and Palmex's foie gras products who are located within California (e.g., restaurants)."

Read the full ruling here (see highlighted portions):