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“Save the Coronado Trees” and APRL Obtain Expanded Court Order
Protecting Trees from Destruction


Coronado, CA Save the Coronado Trees and the Animal Protection & Rescue League are excited to announce another victory in our fight to save Coronado’s public trees. Today the Superior Court of California fully granted our requested preliminary injunction to prohibit the City of Coronado from cutting down five healthy, mature and scenic trees located on City property adjacent to the public library and the lawn bowling court. The trees include a one-hundred year old Torrey Pine - recognized as the rarest native pine tree in North America -- as well as four majestic Canary Island Pines. The City has slated these beautiful trees for destruction as part of a project to replace the artificial turf at the lawn bowling court. Save the Coronado Trees has taken legal action to stop the removal of the trees, challenging City’s failure to satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act and provide adequate public notice to the community.

These trees are living symbols of Coronado’s history and provide beauty, shade and a range of environmental benefits including a cooling effect on the surrounding sidewalk, asphalt and indoor temperatures, reduction of electrical bills, carbon capture, reduced noise, and reduced air pollution. The trees also provide critical habitat to nesting birds other wildlife. 

Today’s court ruling extended and expanded the scope of the existing temporary restraining order issued in September to protect the trees from destruction while the case proceeds.

Notably, the court granted our request to expand the scope of the injunction to cover all aspects of the City’s lawn bowling replacement project that would have an impact on the surrounding environment. Today’s court order prohibits the City from taking any "action that may harm any trees in the vicinity of the Project” and specially prevents the City from cutting down the trees or installing root barriers on any trees in the lawn bowling vicinity which could cause harm or death to the trees.

Today’s victory is an important step toward saving these trees. The fight is not over and we need the public’s continued support.

Please visit to sign the petition to save our trees, volunteer and stay informed of case updates.

We also need your financial support to offset our court costs and other fees we are incurring to save the trees. Donations can be made to the Animal Protection & Rescue League at


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